In 2005 I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences (BMLS) from Ambrose Alli University then i went on to obtain a Masters degree in Public Health (MPH) from Imo State University. I also obtained an MSc in Medical Molecular Biology with Genetics from Bangor University in 2012 and currently I’m carrying out my PhD research in Bioinformatics with the Simon Lovell group in Manchester University. I have also worked for some research organizations including the US Department of Defense HIV program in Nigeria.

Research Interests

My current research interest is to study the mechanisms of HIV drug resistance. It has been extremely difficult to effectively treat HIV because of the evolution of drug resistant HIV strains. The HIV structure and its functions have remained conserved due to evolutionary constraints because any mutations in the regions of evolutionary constraints could be deleterious to the virus. My work focuses on studying the evolutionary trajectory of the HIV protein sequence but from the structural point of view. The research aims to establish the likely fitness cost of mutations in the virus and to check if the mutations have any effects on the structure and function of the viral protein. It also aims to check how various mutations can be associated with the emergence of antiretroviral drug resistance.


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