PhD Students

First get in touch by email.
There are two aspects to sort out before joining the lab as a PhD student.
Admission to the Faculty. This involves us agreeing a project in which we're both interested, making sure you have the right background, and making a formal application. All applicants who pass this stage will be interviewed by the postgraduate admissions officer. It's prefereable to come and visit to make sure you like Manchester and the lab, although we can also interview candidates by phone or Skype if this is not possible. Everything you need to know about applying can be found here

Funding We need to find money to pay your tutition fees, bench fees and living expenses. There are a number of sources of funding and they may pay all or some of these expenses. Often eligibility is dependent on citizenship.
Details of the current funding schemes can be found on the Faculty page. Obviously if you have your own source of funding, things are much easier.

Postdoctoral Researchers

If we have secured research funding (for example from a grant application), we usually like to find and employ someone quite quickly. Positions are advertised in Nature and on
If you would like us to try to secure funding for you, we're happy to discuss possibilities. You should be aware that funding is hard to get, and that it takes at least a year from first approaching us to the start date.


If you want to join the group with your own Fellowship, we're happy to consider you at any time. Terms for Fellows at Manchester are favourable, and the Faculty hopes that Fellows can become permanent members of academic staff. For these reasons there are procedures to follow that may differ from other institutions. Please get in touch, the earlier the better. More details can be found on the relevant Faculty page.

Other visitors or students

The above routes of joining the group are not exhaustive, and many other schemes exist to work in a lab for a short period of time. Get in touch.